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The most advanced and sophisticated beauty & slimming center in Hong Kong, Nude Beautique offers only the world’s safest and most respected slimming technologies. Diet and exercise can only take you so far to achieving the perfect body, but slimming and cellulite reduction treatments can help to target stubborn fatty areas that you just can’t shed on your own.

Nude’s premium slimming and cellulite reduction treatments use the industry’s only FDA-approved Circumference & Cellulite Reduction technology: VelaShapeTM and VelaSmooth ProTM by Syneron Candela systems.

Both devices harness a unique combination of 4 different energy types for an even more effective all-around result. It combines elōsTM technology, which is Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF), and Infrared Light Energy, with Vacuum and Mechanical Massage. The Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Infra Red Light heats fat tissue under the skin’s surface to about 38°C-40°C with the help of the Vacuum, which shrinks the size of fat cells and chambers. Meanwhile the Mechanical Massage technology enhances lymphatic drainage and improves circulation. The result? Gradual cellulite reduction and a noticeably more contoured figure.

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I’ve had cellulite longer than I’ve worn a bra – that’s more than three decades of dimpled thighs. It attached itself to me in my teens and I’ve been miserably dragging it along on beach holidays ever since. I don’t think of myself as a particularly vain person but cellulite is the one affliction that has always bothered me.

My cellulite was always described as ‘fairly mild’ by the experts treating me, but this didn’t stop me hating it. You could see the larger hollows through pale-coloured yoga pants (I’m a yoga teacher) and I’d taken to wearing mini board shorts on holiday to spare others the sight of my motley rear. It doesn’t help that I’ve spent a third of my adulthood in Asia, where far fewer women are affected by orange peel skin.

Over the years, I’ve attacked my butt and thighs with pricey creams, restrictive diets, detoxing, targeted exercise, dry-skin brushing, suction devices, ultrasound, radiofrequency and mesotherapy (where a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and mild pharmaceuticals is injected into the flesh, promoting circulation, boosting collagen and allegedly dissolving fat). Only mesotherapy delivered a degree of smoothness, but this was short-lived.

Like me, many women persevere with cellulite ‘cures’ that fail because they witness minor improvements straight after a treatment and their hopes are raised. “But most treatments give results by generating soft-tissue swelling, which masks cellulite and temporarily smooths the skin,” explains cosmetic surgeon Mr Apul Parikh, who carries out non-surgical cellulite treatments at London’s PHI Clinic.

Previously, liposuction was regarded as the only permanent solution to cellulite, but this surgical procedure removes deep levels of fat without addressing the more superficial problem of cellulite. In short, you’ll end up as a thinner version of your dimpled self. Liposuction can also leave you with wonky body contouring, scars and changes in skin sensation – so it’s not a procedure to be taken lightly.

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  • How Cellfina snips your cellulite

    Cellfina is an FDA-approved cellulite treatment kicking ass across America and is now available in eight clinics across the UK. It attacks the biological scaffolding of cellulite, fixing the problem at its root. It doesn’t suction away fat but instead cuts the connective bands that cause the dimpling effect. These bands (called septae) lie at right angles to the skin surface, anchoring the skin to underlying tissue in an arrangement that resembles a 3D picket fence, shunting the fat into a quilt-like pattern. We need these bands of connective tissue – they hold everything in place, stopping our entire fat load sinking to our feet. But when they contract and harden, which can start in adolescence, they tug on the skin, pulling it down and creating the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

    “Cellfina is very new to the UK and there has been very little publicity, but news is reaching women from America and we’re already treating around one patient every week,” says Dr Parikh. “We see this as the future of cellulite treatments – because it works.”

    Using a tiny scalpel that pierces the skin, Cellfina destroys some of the fibrous bands that create those unsightly lumps – but not all of them. The challenge is to cut enough bands to make a visible different but not so many that your layers of subcutaneous tissue lose their structural integrity. It’s a one-off procedure that takes up to an hour and is designed to give permanent results, though follow-up data has only been available for three years post-procedure, as the treatment is so new.

    A typical treatment involves the ‘release’ of 20 to 50 fibrous bands covering the backside and thighs. It describes itself as ‘painless and minimally invasive’, however it is a medical procedure involving an operating table and a medical team in scrubs and the recovery, as I discovered, takes time.

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