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If you are either looking to step-change the aesthetics and skin care services that you currently offer – or you are looking to upgrade to an industry-leading plasma device, let’s talk to you about our innovative range…

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What is Plasma Pen?

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening treatments are a no-contact, non-invasive procedure using an approved device that delivers skin tightening and skin resurfacing results comparable to invasive, expensive cosmetic facelift, necklift and bodylift surgeries.

But as there are no incisions, stitches or general anesthetics involved – the risks and downtime are minimal – making it a highly appealing and sought-after treatment approach.


The earning potential is high

Ensuring that you obtain a strong return on your equipment investment - you have the potential to pay off the cost of the Plasma Pen between 2 to 8 treatments

per treamtment
Lips / Perioral Area
per treamtment
Lower Face Lift & Jowls
per treamtment
3 Step Progressive Face Lift
per treamtment

We deliver the number one industry-leading Plasma Pen™ device

Transition your services

offering more Aesthetic (revenue enhancing) treatments

Add Plasma-based treatments

to enhance the beaty and skincare services you already offer

Upgrade the plasma treatment

you deliver to the market- leading, high-performance brand

Offering Non-Invasive Skin Tightening and Skin Resurfacing Plasma Treatments

can make a significant difference to your business

Leverage growing awareness of plasma benefits
Easy treatment to perform once trained
Enjoy considerable business demand
Offer proven, results-based treatments
Reflect your innovative, up-to-date approach
Experience your clients feeling more confident
Capitalise on secure earning potential
Elevate your brand to another level

But we understand that to deliver truly great results with plasma-based treatments – you need a remarkable product and exceptional training

Plasma Pen™ by Louise Walsh International is an industry-leading, range of highly effective Plasma Pen devices – backed up by cutting-edge training and outstanding follow-up support.

We have options suited to your unique requirement

Classic Device

One level of continuous plasma energy

Ultra Device

Two levels of plasma energy: can do double the speed

Platinum Device

Five levels of plasma energy: can dot at a much faster rate


About LWI

A Brand You Can Trust

About LWI

Louise Walsh has been one of the biggest names in global beauty for three decades. As a celebrity esthetician and beauty entrepreneur, Louise Walsh brought semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) to the UK over 30 years ago. Her reputation as the leading expert in Plasma technology and non-invasive procedures has earned her worldwide recognition...

“Amazing device, training and results! I absolutely love what Louise’s new Plasma Pen device, techniques and treatment can achieve.”
Michelle, Aesthetician, Glasgow
"I absolutely love my plasma pen and the treatments it delivers, I have many happy clients and the ladies in the office are very helpful if you need any help at all"
Gillian Kennedy, Salon Owner, United Kingdom
“Great training and great support by this company. I have been using Louise Walsh pens for two years and get great results on my clients. Having this online training is a great resource for any time I need a refresher. Thank you!”
Julie Davis, Salon Owner, United Kingdom

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Plasma Pen
Plasma Pen

Through a leading finance partner, we can offer a full finance package over three years for both our Plasma Pen and our Training programmes.


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